I had a Fortunate Name Reading done by Linda as a way to make sure I am going in the right direction for my business. Even though I picked a good date to open, I was using a name that had an unfortunate frequency. I could really see that it was creating obstacles in my life and business. She suggested that I use Jess Weagle because it’s much more lucky for me and my business. Since I changed my name to Jess Weagle on my website and business cards, I have noticed a 20% increase in new clients for my business.

I think Linda’s Fortunate Name Reading is a great way to know if you are using the right name for you so you know if you are going in the correct direction for your and your business. ~Jess Weagle, massage therapist

I had a fabulous reading from Linda using Tarot and Numerology. As an astrologer I like to get a more objective take on things and also the perspective of other modalities. This was a very specific reading about a specific question. Linda was fabulous and really helped me with timing and pricing using both modalities. She was not afraid to tell me not to do a launch on a date I had planned and to suggest better dates. She also gave great advice on pricing. I would recommend anyone to have Linda do a reading. Fascinating incites. ~Louise Edington, Astrologer

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