Personal Numerology Blueprint

Everyone in life has a name that they were given at birth and were born on a certain day. Your name and date of birth provides the basis for my Numerology Blueprints. This blueprint is based on your own numerology DNA – your very own personal numbers – and is derived solely from your name and date of birth. This blueprint is comprised of your six core numbers. The five core numbers are the life purpose, destiny, day of birth, soul, personality numbers and essence number.

Having your personal Numerology Blueprint done can be likened to a puzzle where you put all the pieces together to form the picture of you and your life. It takes time to put this puzzle together, but when the puzzle is complete, it reveals your life. It takes many years to uncover all the layers of you the individual, or you the business owner or you the artist. It takes time to reveal and understand who you are, what you want, and what you must do with your life. This puzzle can be compared to Life cycles in your numerology blueprint, of which there are three – the beginning, the middle and the end. These numbers are important to understand because the number in any particular life cycle helps you understand what is going on during a particular time in your life cycle – especially when things are not sailing so smoothly.

To have your Numerology Blueprint charted, you simply need your date of birth, your birth name and the current name you go by. There are numbers assigned to each letter in your name that comprise your core numbers. Each number from 1-9 reveals certain attributes, traits and fundamental characteristics. When you understand previously unknown aspects of yourself, including your karmic lessons and hidden tendencies, you will begin to understand what your numbers represent and symbolize and how their influences play out in your own life.

Your Numerology Blueprint can help you decipher who you truly are and how you act and react in life situations, how others perceive you and how you perceive the world. You can actually begin to discover your fundamental self — all your strengths and weaknesses are revealed. When you truly understand who you are and your life purpose is when you can begin to navigate yourself in a way that works. A Numerology Blueprint is able to help you to overcome many obstacles or roadblocks that have not worked for you in the past.

Unlike astrology, you do not need your time of birth or your birth place to have your Numerology Blueprint done. The numbers from your date of birth and birth name are all you need and they are calculated to form your Numerology Blueprint. Your numbers are your secret code – they represent who you are, your fundamental characteristics, your personality, how people see you and so forth. Your personal numbers represent your own genetic blueprint and tells the story of your life story through your own personal number. This is your secret code in life and reveals the following information about you.

Your Secret Code Revealed in Your Numbers

Life Purpose Number – Derived from your date of birth and is the most important number in your chart. This is the adventure and travels of your life. It represents the opportunities, challenges and lessons you learn in this lifetime and the path that serves you. Your Life Purpose is the road you are traveling and is the single most important number in your chart.

Destiny Number – Derived from all the letters of your name reveals what you must do with your life.

Birth Day Number – The day you were born reveals the special talents you possess.

Soul Number – Derived from the vowels of your full name at birth. This is a gentle guiding force that puts you on the path to what you truly desire, your dreams and what you yearn for. Your soul is a reflection of how you see yourself. Let it be your guide to your dreams.

Personality Number – Derived from the consonants of your full name at birth. This shows how others see you – for others are your mirror and your personality is but a reflection of you in the eyes of others.


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