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Robin Williams

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The world lost two great actors this week. First Robin Williams on August 11th and Lauren Bacall on August 12th.

Born Robin McLaurin Williams on July 21, 1951 at 1:34 p.m. in Chicago Illinois giving him a 21/3 Day of Birth, a 26/8 Life Purpose and 103/4 Destiny.

21 is the number of cosmic consciousness.

With a 26/8 Life Purpose, Robin really new how to lead and to manifest.

On his birthday, he has just entered a 17/8 Personal Year. This gives intensity to his 26/8 Life Purpose. 17 is the immortality number of leaving a legacy behind. He certain did that with his many films and TV shows.

On August 11, 2014, an 11 Universal day and 17/8 (giving more intensity to his Life Purpose and Personal Year) Universal date, Robin had only been 63 for 21 days before that fateful morning when the world learned that he was dead. Later it was announced that Robin had committed suicide. Robin had been battling severe depression for years.

In numerology, the number 11 is known as a gateway.

Robin’s Natal Astrology

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Williams’ astrology natal chart is absolutely fascinating. His Ascendant (also know as rising sign) is 00 degrees Scorpio. Zero is not a number but a representative of everything and nothing, the alpha and omega. It represents the divine. A double 00 on his horizon at birth is symbolic of seeing the world through the eyes of God. This coupled with the sign of Scorpio (governed by Pluto and ruler of the 8th House of Life, Death, Rebirth and Seeing the Unseen), he saw and felt what humanity was feeling. Currently Pluto is squaring Uranus in Aries leading to uncovering hidden truths and unexpected events.

His Midheaven degree number resonated to 7 in the sign of Leo.
The Midheaven in astrology governs your vocation. 7 symbolized Robin Williams’ ability to channel sudden intuitive insights in an unexpected way, and the sign of Leo exuded his royal lion energy on stage.

He was born when the planets Mars and Uranus were right on top of each other in the sky, within one degree of one another (called an exact “conjunction” in astrology).

This combination removes all impulse control, inclining people to live by their own rules, and have a tremendous need for freedom.

It enables people to leap without looking – and boldly, bravely, and sometimes thoughtlessly and foolishly act.

It was immensely helpful to him in his career and was responsible for his incredibly speedy humor and his utter free flow of ideas. He never held himself back, or took the time to worry about “the rules.” (This made him unbelievable at improvisation, and happy to leap off the interviewer’s couch and run around the studio audience on talk shows – I saw him do that very thing on both “The Tonight Show” and the “Dick Cavett Show.”) Fellow comedians say his brain was lightning fast – always ten steps ahead of his mouth…

So he had the nature to go to such an extreme as he did.

Robin’s Depression

The Moon indicates our emotional nature. Robin’s Moon was in the deeply sensitive sign of Pisces as was his North Node of Karmic Potential. It’s extremely common for addicts to have the North Node in the same sign as the Moon, as the North Node is and indicator of addictions.

It also makes a person deeply sensitive, and moody.

With a Scorpio Ascendant, a Cancer Sun and a Pisces Moon, three signs that feel very deeply, I don’t think he could have avoided being depressed at least at some point in his life.

Difficult Transits

Sadly and not surprisingly, there were many difficult transits happening in his chart in the last year, and had become extra painful in the last month.

As far as the kinds of transits that could trigger a suicide: transiting Pluto was closely opposing Robin’s Mars-Uranus conjunction at the time of his death. A Pluto transit opposite either planet is going to be a challenge, and it can be argued that suicide is aggression (Mars) turned inward. Saturn’s recent passage over Robin’s Ascendant and close square to his natal Pluto undoubtedly weren’t helping either. Under the best circumstances, any one of these transits could be the sort of thing that would indicate a significant emotional crisis. And perhaps all of them put together were the final straw for Robin Williams, who had always struggled with depression. Anyone getting tough transits from both Saturn and Pluto is going to have a hard time. But this too misses what should have been obvious.

A person’s health and vitality and attitude are deeply impacted by the rising sign, and so to have Saturn there (the planet of fatigue and depression – for the first time in thirty years) at the same time as Rahu (the “shadow planet” of addictions and hyper-sensitivity – for the first time in 19 years) is just too much.

But this is where astrology gets downright creepy…

Rahu moves into a new sign every eighteen months. And, as I wrote above, it only recently moved into the sign of Virgo. This happens to be the 8th sign from Robin’s Moon sign, and that’s a VERY difficult place for Rahu to be in a person’s chart… In an ancient book I have on the impact of the different motions of the planets through the sky in relation to where they were at a person’s birth, it says that Rahu here causes “Danger to life…”

This coupled with Saturn in the rising sign and in the 9th house from the position of his Moon sign, which according to that same book brings, “Extreme helplessness, misunderstandings with one’s own people, a break through hatred, and enmity with all…”

And Mars in his 12th house for the last several months, in the 8th house from the position of his natal Moon causes, “weakness, mental depression, severe blows to the body…”

In the last month, Mars had moved into his rising sign. Mars is called “The great malefic” and is believed to be the most dangerous, harmful of all the planets.

Saturn gets a lot of “bad press” for bringing long lasting problems and challenges, but Mars makes us lash out in anger and with violence, and do things impulsively, and causes the most sudden upheaval.

So Mars and Saturn (an extremely frustrating, violent combination) were together in his rising sign since mid-July (which is the body, and the SELF – and our SELF-CARE, or in this case, self-harm).

Again, it’s just too much…

Now, the planet that help us the most is “the great benefic” – Jupiter.

But Jupiter was powerless to help.

As of late June, Jupiter had moved into the sign of Cancer, which is the 6th house from Robin’s Moon sign position. That same book says about the time in which Jupiter is in the 6th sign from a person’s Moon, “Even the wife’s bright face will not please the native’s heart. Tendency to feel unhappy even though having everything to make oneself comfortable. Reduces the native to abject slavery or degradation.”

But soon things would have improved… had he just held on a little longer.

But here’s the thing… I could have gone on and on and revealed what a challenging major and minor “planetary period” he has been in (true!), and more – which is believed to be the most important factor impacting every area of our lives.

Many people have the Moon in the sign of Aquarius and/or the rising sign of Libra, so have been experiencing the very influences I just described.

Many people have the Moon with Rahu, and they made it through all of the difficult things going on these past several months.

So there’s more to it…

Amazingly, Robin has a combination I was taught years ago is common in the charts of people who take their own lives. (Hemingway had a version of this combo, as did his granddaughter, Margot, as did Amelia Earhart, who you could argue was so reckless in her last, fateful flight that it was akin to suicide…)

He was getting older and experiencing health problems, and he was enduring a “perfect storm” of the most painful astrological influences all at once.

Part of why Robin Williams’ death is so unacceptable to us, is that it seems it was his decision, and that he was willing – in spite of his lifetime of incredible blessings and accomplishments and abundance that are oceans beyond what any of the rest of us “mere mortals” could ever possibly hope to attain – to throw it all away.

To trade the love of his children, the companionship of his wife, the adoration of his fans, and the future plans he’d committed to, and just chuck it all.

But given his inborn nature, his very real psychological and physiological challenges, and the celestial “shit storm” he was going through, I’m not so sure he had any choice in the matter…

So, let’s take a moment of silence for Robin, and let’s be kinder and gentler to ourselves and each other.

Mars Opposes Jupiter

Here’s a preview of the first, major aspect of 2015.

Mars in Aquarius opposes Jupiter Rx (at 21 degrees Leo) exact on January 1st. However, you’ll probably start to feel this around December 28th or 29th. This is a zinger of an influence. Mars’ action and initiative is pumped up by Jupiter (even though it’s Rx) and Jupiter’s push for more is triggered by Mars. Mars in Aquarius is rebel action, or the initiative that’s detached from everything but the future. Jupiter in showy Leo is the Big Display. The tension of the opposition (actions versus belief, expansion versus aggression) cranks all this up to maximum.

Because Jupiter brings opportunity, there’s potential for impulsive leaps (Mars) of faith (Jupiter) that land you in a sweet spot. Or carry you over the edge. There’s a crusading feel to this one: charging ahead for what you think will benefit the greater good (Aquarius). And you can do a ton of good with this energy, as long as you don’t fall victim to the Mars/Jupiter Shadow: self-righteous battles. In some ways, the power-hungry risk is even greater than a Mars/Pluto aspect, because Jupiter feels good. And when hyped up by Mars, it feels good to be aggressive.

You can see how that might benefit you, or trip you up.

21 degrees Aquarius and Leo in your chart is where you might be tempted to push, pummel or wave the flag. Stand up for what’s right! Draw attention to the ____ and blow all the bad things out of the water! Jupiter is about philosophy, legal matters, and wisdom. So you can get swept up in the storm of fervent belief. Aquarius and Leo are Fixed signs, and Mars/Jupiter are both pushy and impatient. That’s a potent combo of stubborn impulsiveness (if that makes sense). Make sure that you’re charging in the right direction, because you can certainly make big changes in a short amount of time.

Jupiter Rx will be urging you to ask questions about what’s been expanding in your life (all Rx transits are about re-evaluation) and Mars will give those questions an assertive edge. You’ll want to know now. You’ll want to make corrections, or dig deeper, or see the proof behind the promise…now.

Jupiter expands everything (the good, bad and ugly) so when Mars is added to the mix, there’s a high risk of situations/conditions becoming inflamed. Since Jupiter is Rx, this will be a past or existing issue (not a new one).

You’ll feel this opposition most strongly if you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from 18 to 22 degrees of the Fixed signs.

Repeating Numbers

Do you ever look up at the clock and see the same numbers each time ? Or get assigned the same sports jersey number over and over again? Or have a lucky number you just love? Numbers follow us everywhere. They are on billboards, license plates, phone numbers, lottery tickets, account numbers, and basically anything that identifies us. You might recognize the same numbers that seem to follow you everywhere. They are trying to tell you something! The Universe often communicates with us in symbols. If you understand the meaning of the symbols, you can speak the language of the Universe. Here is what the numbers mean:

1 – Believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities. Perhaps it is time to start a new project or initiate a new venture. It’s time to plant seeds for your future based on an inspired idea.

2 – Listen to your intuition and don’t be swayed by what other people expect of you. This is a wonderful time for romance, partnership, and love. Take time for self-reflection. Don’t push yourself too hard. Allow yourself to be appreciated.

3 – There is something inside of you that needs to be expressed, be it an emotion, creative pursuit, business venture, or a career that is closer to your heart. Socialize and laugh more!

4 – You need to ground yourself and focus on building your foundations, including your home, finances, and physical body. Invest in yourself, business, or real estate

5- Change is in the air! Either you need to break up your routine, or changes are happening to you. Share your stories, or promote yourself in the media. Socialize and have fun!

6 – Make sure you are balancing your physical needs with your spiritual and emotional well-being. Take care of yourself – you might have more responsibilities now, particularly related to family. Listen to or play music and bring more beauty into your life. Harmony is restored.

7 – Time to reflect and meditate more, take a retreat from the outside world and go within. Perhaps it is time to relocate. You need to stay focused on what is true to your purpose, not your ego.

8 – Be big! Go bold! Expand your limits! You might be challenged or tested now, only to make you stronger. Stay true to your passions and go for it! It’s a great time for you to be prosperous and make a mark in the world!

9 – Have compassion for yourself. You may feel lost or even rejected, if so, it’s only because you are not loving yourself enough. Let go of thoughts, feelings, people and circumstances that aren’t serving you. Stay true to your integrity and share your light with others. You have so much to share with the world.

0 – Zeros – represent infinity and wholeness as well as spiritual gifts. They magnify the number preceding it.

11 – Your intuition is at an all time high! You are being inspired with creative ideas. Share your vision with others through teaching, speaking, or writing. Shine your light and you will inspire others.

22 – It’s time to take your inspired ideas and ground them in physical form. If there is a business you want to create, something you want to teach, a house you want to purchase, or a way you want to build a foundation that can be shared with others, make a plan and do it!

33 – Your voice and vision can elevate others in a most profound ways. Listen to your heart and share your unique gifts with others. You will have a positive impact on others. You have much to share, express and teach.

44 – THINK BIG! Your strength is being tested. You have an opportunity to make a huge impact on the world both materially and spiritually. You must plan well, lay down a proper foundation and keep the big picture in focus. Stay strong and true to your vision. You can do it!

55 – You need to make big changes and begin a new routine, project, or venture. Make changes where you are putting yourself number one and investing in yourself.

66 – You need to love yourself more and see yourself more beautiful. You’ve been putting other people’s needs in front of your own. You need to be more creative and express your feelings through words, art, creativity, and love.

77 – Look inward and ask yourself what you really want. Is your life going in the direction that is in alignment with your spiritual purpose? If so, believe in yourself and share your gifts with the world. Perhaps you want to share your inner wisdom through stories, counseling, or healing others.

88 – You’re taking on a lot of responsibility right now. Make sure you’re not taking on more than you can handle. You have a lot of opportunities to create more money and impact, make sure it is in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Stay focused on what’s important to your big vision.

99 – This is a period of ending and letting go. You may feel loss or separation, but it’s only to make room for something greater and more rewarding. Let go of the past, especially regrets, and know you will be rewarded in the future. Focus on what you would like to create that is new, and weed out what is no longer serving you.

111 – You have lots of ideas now it’s time to put them into action! Don’t over-think things or get bogged down in self doubt. This is a time for action and belief in yourself. You can create whatever you want very quickly now. Make sure it’s in alignment with your heart’s desires.

222 – Love rules! You will see improvements in your home life, your romance, and find inner peace. Don’t push yourself too hard. Allow yourself to create with beauty and self-love rather than force. Dance and music can bring your balance and harmony.

333 – WOW! You are in a creative flow. Nothing can hold you back from bringing your personal message into the world. Your heartfelt words and inspired vision can bring great changes to you and those around you. You are capable of having a positive impact on masses of people.

444 – Your dreams, ideas and visions are being manifest into reality. You are building the foundation for your dreams that will also benefit those in your family as well as future generations.

555 – Hold onto your party hat because change is happening faster than you can keep up with. You have been holding onto your routine and the familiar longer than is good for you. It’s time for some travel, adventure, socializing, and taking risks.

3 sixes – this number makes a lot of people uncomfortable, so we will not write it here. This number is not as scary as people believe it to be. It represents too much focus on the material world rather than the spiritual. You are making choices out of fear and poverty mentality and working too hard as a result. You are a spiritual being and this is reminding you to pay attention to nourishing your body, mind and emotions. Lighten up and focus on what’s truly meaningful in life.

777 – You’ve spent a lot of time in self-reflection and possibly even spiritual study. You know what you want and what is true to your soul. Now it’s time to go out into the world and create heaven on earth. You need to express your insights and intuitions outwardly.

888 – You’ve really been challenged and put to the test. You might have had big gains as well as big losses. You are being reminded that what goes up also comes down and vice-versa. You are riding a cycle of infinite change and abundance. Believe in yourself and keep the big picture in your mind. Don’t take on more than you can handle. You are amazingly strong, but you are human after all. Prosperity is yours to create.

999 – This is the end of a long karmic cycle and a chapter in your life. You might feel like you need to let go of things and people more quickly than you are comfortable with. You’ve learned your lessons and now it is time for you to move on and share your experiences with others.

1111 – This is the instant manifestation number! Focus only on the thoughts and energy that you would like to take into your future.

Number combinations: If there is a combination of numbers you don’t see here, you can look at what each individual number means and put them together, as well as look up the definition for the sum total. Keep adding numbers until you get a single digit. For instance, 615 = (6+1+5=12. Add the numbers of 12: 1+2=3).

6 represents balance and harmony
1 represents self actualization and initiation
5 represents change

Their sum is 12 which reduces to 3 (1+2=3) which represents heartfelt expression and creativity. So if you see 615 perhaps you need to find balance and harmony (6) while you initiate (1) some changes (5) in your life that allow you to have more independence (1) and personal expression (3). See how easy it is? Now have fun!

Mercury Goes Retrograde in Libra on September 17, 2015

This is our third and final Mercury Retrograde of 2015.

Mercury is Retrograde from September 17 to October 9, 2015 in the sign of Libra.


28 Aug 2015 05:17 am 00 Libra 54′ Mercury Enters Rx Zone

17 Sep 2015 02:04 pm 15 Libra 55’Rx Mercury Stationary Retrograde

09 Oct 2015 10:49 am 00 Libra 54′ Mercury Stationary Direct

24 Oct 2015 12:16 pm 15 Libra 55′ Mercury Leaves Rx Zone