January 2014

We’ve entered a new year and a new month. Be sure to read the Numerology Forecast for 2014 here.

Astro-Numerology Message for January 1, 2014 ~ a 1 month and day, a 7 universal year, an 8 universal month and 9 universal day … each of the three triads is represented to day giving us balance.

January is an 8 universal month. The 8 represents “As Above, So Below.” This vibration understands the Earth plane as well as the spiritual plane. 8 represents power, business and is the highest vibration of the 2-4-8 manifestation triad. This means we can take an idea and manifest in the material world very easily.

We have a 1 day which is about taking action with your new creative ideas. It shows originality and individualism.

9, our universal date, asks to be broad-minded, show compassion and generosity and be of humanitarian service.

New Moon January 2014We are kicking off the 1st day of the new year with a new moon. New Moons are new beginnings. The Sun, Moon and Pluto all sitting together in conjunction at 11 degrees Capricorn.

The number of 11 asks us to walk through the gateway of truth into the unknown. Thismeans from day one we are being given intense energy to transform the direction of our life.

Capricorn rules the 10th House of Career/Public Life and is governed by Saturn. You have a new start in Capricorn. The structures of your life are to be examined and changed as needed….The Capricorn New Moon message is time to upgrade and improve your life. You may see changes in the areas of career, reputation, fame, status, leadership, ambition, dealings with bosses, government, military and the way we structure our lives.

This New Moon also forms a Grand Square. Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are the four pillars of the Grand Square. They are fighting with each other for their place. Long standing issues, challenges and problems that are difficult to resolve are requiring your strength, patience and perseverance now.

The message for this New Moon is live from your authentic power. Be who you truly are but be open to change.