Mercury goes retrograde about three times per year. Mercury governs communication, the internet, electronics and travel.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury Retrograde began it’s final retrograde period for 2013 when it entered the shadow period on October 1, which may be why the government is having so many problems with their website for the Affordable Care Act. Mercury retrograde and computers problems … just sayin’.

Mercury goes retrograde on October 21, 2013 at 6:28:46 am EST. This time it is in the sultry sign of Scorpio at 18 degrees. October 21, 2013 is a 21/3 day and a 10/1 Universal Date. 21 in Ancient Egyptian numerology means “The Truth shall set you Free.” 18 allows us to let go of any martyr complex you may be subconsciously carrying around. 18 reduces to 9 and brings culminations, endings and release.

Mercury goes direct at 2 degrees Scorpio on November 10, 2013 at 4:12:46 pm EST and exit the shadow on November 27, 2013 at 3:23:46 am EST.

At you noticing all of those 46s? 46 reduces to 10 which represents Instant Manifestation and further activates the 10/1 Universal Date that Mercury went retrograde. Keep those thoughts and actions positive, because instant manifestation can be either positive or negative.

But back to the actual retrograde period….what does that mean? Secrets, lies, powerful conversations and deep investigations of the psyche are all possible. 18 is the number of deception. So dig a little deeper into what people are saying if it looks suspicious on the surface. Problems with the internet and small electronics are also more than likely for some as Mercury retrogrades do not affect anyone.

A lot of people view Mercury retrogrades with apprehension but it doesn’t have to be a dreaded time and may end up being a period that is rewarding and productive if you utilize the “Re” strategy of the retrograde. What’s that? Put a “Re” in front of regular Mercury activities: Re-edit, Re-write, Re-evaluate, Re-imagine, Re-consider, Re-vamp, Re-discuss, in to align with the opportunity of enjoying a new perspective.

There are a few things you shouldn’t do during a Mercury Retrograde period. They are:

– Don’t sign contracts
– Don’t schedule things that are expensive to reschedule
– Don’t buy electronics and big-ticket items
– Don’t get married, even if you both have Mercury retro in your natal charts!
– Don’t get too invested in your plans

If you MUST do those things, call in your angels and guides for help, keep records and receipts, double and even triple check communications and do your best! Most of you know that my husband and I moved to Florida in June. We ended up finding a house right away and the closing date was set for July 15th, right in the middle of the last Mercury Retrograde. So, I had our credit union send the money to the title company about 5 days before the closing date. Even though it just sat there for several days, it gave me great peace of mind knowing that it was already there and that when we went to closing Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. there would be no money glitches. So it is possible to do these “forbidden” things during a retrograde period, you just need to be extra methodical and check everything twice.

Other things to do to help you get through Mercury retrogrades are:

– Meditate
– Clean out
– Be patient
– Think before you speak
– Apologize sincerely when you forget that last one
– Laugh, a lot

Depending on where Mercury is transiting your natal chart, you could experience this time very differently from someone else. For me, Mercury retro in Scorpio transits my 1st house of Self and passes back over may natal Neptune enhancing intuition and going within. It is in opposition to Jupiter which expands but also brings some tension between going ‘within’ and time of reflection and communication with significant others.

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