This week my friend Gloria Coppola asked me to be a demo for her Lomilomi class…not once but for two days. I was excited! I haven’t been a demo since massage school and after our move I could really use a good massage. And in the 13 years I practiced massage, I never learned Lomilomi and didn’t really know much about it.

Gloria Coppola doing Lomilomi massage

I arrived on Sunday afternoon just after Gloria’s students had finished lunch. When Gloria asked me to introduce myself to her students and tell a little bit about what I do. As an astronumerologist, I’m always thinking about numbers. It happened to be the Autumn Equinox so I talked a little bit about the numerology of that day and how it was a great day to start a class such as Lomilomi.

Before Gloria put me on the table, she continued to teach her students about Lomilomi. I was fascinated and began to wonder about the name Lomilomi. You see every name (even a business name, a book, or a product name) or even word carries a certain vibration that has a meaning.

I was so excited about what Gloria had said about Lomilomi and its spirituality, I decided to take a look at the numerology of the word and report back when I came back on Tuesday.

Here’s what I discovered….

Lomilomi resonates to the compound number 30. The “3” in the “30” is about joy, creation, father/mother/child, mind/body/spirit, expression. It is a very social, emotional, feeling number. The “0” offers divine protection.

Lomi resonates to the compound number 15. The ancient Chaldeans called this number the Spiritual Alchemist. This is a very magnetic, joyous and loving number. It draws people to it.

15 reduces to the root number 6. Number 6 which looks like a pregnant mother about to give to birth a child and take on the nurturing role of the “cosmic parent”. This number is about love, responsibility, family and service. Also a member of the 3-6-9 Emotional/Feeling Triad.

During the class, I heard Gloria talk about “mana” so I decided to calculate that word as well.

Mana resonates to the number 7 which is about wisdom, introspection, and spirituality. If you look at the number “7” is reflects back to the past (opens to the Left), but POINTS to the higher realms of the FUTURE (upper right) with incisive focus and psychic analysis. Since this number is part of the 1-5-7 Thinking/Mind Triad there is a tendency to over-analyze. You must learn to trust.

After experiencing Lomilomi, I agree that it truly is a spiritual modality. Since my two sessions, I have felt more in my body and in tune with my body. I just wish I would have discovered this amazing holistic healing system at the beginning of my massage career not after I’ve moved on.

You can find Gloria and her Lomilomi classes at Massage Pro CE or on Facebook.