Grand Square September 2013It’s a very busy week astrologically….

Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Square

On September 14th, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto came together to form a Grand Square (also referred to as a Grand Cross) formation in the heavens that marked the beginning of an incredibly exciting, fiery energy that will culminate just before the Full Moon in Pisces on the 19th.

It’s a great time to revolutionize your thinking during Grand Square. Both Mercury and Uranus are at 11 degrees. 11 is about walking through the gateway of truth and intuitive insights.

Mercury governs communication. Verbal conflict is a possibility under this energy, so take a hint from Mercury’s Libran placement and anticipate the other person’s likely reaction before you speak. This aspect pattern can also inspire creative breakthroughs, especially those involving verbal or written communication.

Pluto the planet of transformation is at 9 degrees. 9 is the number of compassion and humanitarian service.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion is at 16 degrees. 16 is the number of lightning strikes, sudden shifts and changes. Luck and fortunate comes to you out of the blue and may be in the form of a challenge.

Rare astrological event

Next, there is a rare astrological event happening on September 18th. Saturn (the Lord of Karma), the moon’s north node (your destiny marker) and and Venus (the planet of love and attraction) will ALL be in the sign of Scorpio at 8 degrees. 8 is the number of strength, power and abundance. Scorpio is the sign of spiritual transformation and healing the shadow.

Here’s what this means for you. These planets are teaching you to change the way you look at yourself and your world. If you have areas in your life where you have been reacting with fear, you have an opportunity now to respond with love.

We all have fears and aspects of ourselves and our lives that we would rather not deal with. If you find yourself REACTING to something or someone instead of RESPONDING, you know you are being triggered.

This week, instead of pushing those parts of you aside or responding with anger or denial, take some time to bring more love and compassion into those areas.

When you do these things, you are actually changing your energy to be in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Once you release the patterns, you no longer need to experience the lessons again (learning life’s lessons is one of Saturn’s jobs).