This month the full moon happens at 26 degrees 41 minutes in Pisces on September 19, 2013 at 7:13 a.m. EDT, a 19/10/1 day and 25/7 Universal date.

Full Moon September 19, 2013
26 (the degree of the moon) reduces to 8. 8 is about empowerment. 8 gives you the strength to overcome challenges and thrive as a result. 8 is the Infinity symbol of eternal strength, eternal life.

A Full Moon always brings light and awareness into the specifics of its sign. In the sign of Pisces, this Full Moon invites you to be the mystic, the poet, the lover and the dreamer. You can become more open in perceiving the non-physical dimensions and underlying realities penetrating your life. The vision of oneness, love and compassion, depends on you to manifest in the world. You are the hands of the divine in action. If you integrate these Piscean energies with what started under the New Moon in Virgo, here is your invitation to transformation, healing and service. This can be the beginning of a deeply satisfying journey towards a new level of being.

Healing with the full moon….

Full Moon WomanTonight stand under the pearly light of the full moon. Feel her glow shine down upon you and within you. Open up all the pores of your skin, feel every cell in your body become rejuvenated by her healing light.

Allow yourself to be divinely inspired and up-lifted to your highest vision of who you can be. Feel your stress, anxieties, worries and fears dissolving as her light penetrates any darkness within.

Every miraculous achievement starts with a dream which seems to be impossible in the beginning. It all comes down to: Who do you want to be?