Feng Shui Your Plate for Weight Loss

Feng Shui Your Plate for Weight Loss | Linda Roisum Health CoachWhether you are trying to lose those few extra pounds or working to lose a serious amount of weight to improve your health, Feng Shui can help. Feng Shui is the art and science of placing objects and colors around you to attract positive energy, and that positive energy can certainly relate to the food you eat. Feng Shui has a powerful impact on the subconscious that’s why it’s such a good way to promote weight loss. Instead of counting calories and fighting cravings, you can promote weight loss through a careful selection of shapes, colors and materials of your plate and what you put on it.

First off, get cooking. When you fix your own meals, you have a greater measure of control over ingredients, portions and food presentation. Use whole foods, preferably organic, local and in season. There’s also an added bonus: Feng Shui practitioners believe that cooking promotes financial prosperity.

Bigger is not always better. Americans are accustomed to eating huge portions, which has led to a nationwide weight problem. Place your food on smaller plates. I prefer the using salad plates instead of dinner plates. By using these smaller plates, your plate will look fuller than usual and you’ll trick yourself into thinking you’re eating more. This way, you can clean your plate and still stay slim.

Eat food on square plates. In Feng Shui round shapes stand for flow and movement and square shapes offer a slower, more grounding energy. I guess one could say that square shaped plates make you slow down more. So, if you eat your food on a square plate, it reduces your craving for more food.

Use colors to curb your appetite. The best colors plates are blue, black, earth colors and white. Blue curbs the appetite. Black makes food look less appealing, and there’s less contrast of a food’s color against a black plate. Black dampens your inner chi. Earth tones offer fulfillment and reduces your food cravings and eliminating your temptation to overeat. White is the a color of purity. If you notice most fine restaurants use white plates because they are foundation and will set off the colors of the food for better nourishment.

Avoid bright colored plates, place mats and tablecloths. Green represents the wood element and growth and will stimulate the appetite. and any of the colors that correspond with the fire element, such as red or orange. Also, avoid the fire colors of red or orange as it stimulates your appetite.

IIN Food PlateEat a balanced meal. I like to use the Integrative Nutrition Plate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a guide here. The more colorful the food on your plate, the more nutritious it probably is. A good rule of thumb regarding meals vegetables should take up one-half of the plate. Vegetables are nutritionally rich – so fill your plate! Go for many colors as much as possible. Eat in season. Go for local and organic when possible, especially of those vegetables on the Dirty Dozen™ list. When eating chicken or red meat, eat a piece about the size of a deck of cards. With fish, generally the size of your hand is appropriate. The remaining approximately 1/4 of your plate should comprise of carbohydrates, preferably whole grains. Whole grains provide many nutrients and fiber. Avoid refined grains like white bread, white rice, and white flour products.

Skeptical? Just try a few of these suggestions. They’re inexpensive and easy to execute. As far as Feng Shui-ing your plate is concerned, you’ve got everything to lose and nothing to gain.