Grand SextileOn July 29 2013, we have an extremely rare astrological transit known as a Grand Sextile or the Star of David. The Grand Sextile is a sacred geometric hexagram where at least six planets must be at angles of 60 degrees apart for the Star of David to appear in the sky. In this case we have seven.

A Grand Sextile can only occur in “feminine” (Water and Earth) or “masculine” (Fire and Air) signs. This synergistic seven are all in “feminine” (water or earth) signs. One will be an earth trine involving the moon, Venus and Pluto. The other is a water trine that includes Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. We are WATERing our inner power and unEARTHing oceans of love.

The Water element rules emotions and sensitivity, the fine arts and the healing arts. Of the two Trines, the Water Grand Trine is arguably the strongest as it is formed by three slow planets, Jupiter (as well as Mars and Mercury) in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. The Water Grand Trine asks us to believe in our dreams, to find faith in adversity and strength in the imagination, to love and to be loved, to share, to dive in the oceans of feelings, intimacy and family.

The Earth element is synonym with determination, nurturing, grounding, productivity, stamina and practicality. The Earth Grand Trine is formed by the Moon in Taurus, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon in Taurus points to our sense of worth, as in both self-worth and monetary worth, and how they relate to each other. Venus in Virgo reminds us that beauty is not synonym with aesthetics only. It ultimately lies in the care we take for our body in terms of our own health and well-being. Pluto in Capricorn shows us our own darkest and fiercest side. It teaches us how to transform fear and how to use the strength thus developed for our advantage and, especially, for the greater good. Pluto is the fulcrum of this Earth Grand Trine.

The two Trines of Water and Earth show us how to unite the strength of feelings and stamina, caring and supporting, imagining and doing, believing and acting. The two Trines unite in a beautiful celestial geometry that pushes us to look at our core and forcefully ground in it.

Let’s take a look at the numerology for the day. July 29, 2013 is a 29/11/2 day and a 24/6 Universal Day.

2 = Developing relationships through balance, cooperation and harmony
11 = This is a Master Number of Enlightened Visionary, Creator of Breakthroughs, Balance of the Masculine and Feminine
29 = Highly creative and intuitive which a change to develop absolute faith in your higher self

6 = Love, Responsibility, Service & Regeneration
24 = Magnetic Presence, Sensitive, Nurturing

This Grand Sextile formed in the Water and Earth elements on July 29, 2013, invites the “Sacred Feminine”, the Goddess within to come to the forefront, bringing us some possible luck, transformation and strengthening our core.

We’ve already seen a fair amount of transformation already in 2013, a 6 year and the 13th year of the century (13 is the number of the divine Goddess, transformation and renewal). We’ve see a transformation in our approach to government and hierarchy. We’re rethinking our power structures, overturning dictators and oppressive leadership.

Picture a world where we are all family ~ women and children are value and treated as equal citizens; where we value healing and compassion for others over greed. It’s a long-overdue energetic rebalancing that our culture is crying out for, not to mention our environment.

Whichever astrological houses this configuration hits in your natal chart, it will bring upheaval, whether in the form of sudden realization, news, or outside events. It will help you see clearly how to transform patterns in your life that seem completely irreconcilable. For some, the realization might come in a harsh way, for others it may be gentle and positive, lucky and expansive. But either way, this Grand Sextile indicates transformation at its core, and it will give you a true rebirth after a small inner “death.”

Happy Grand Sextile!