Nik Wallenda
A few nights ago I sat glued to my computer on pins and needles as Nik Wallenda made history when he walked across the Grand Canyon 1500 ft. in the air without a safety net.

I only learned about Nik a few days prior to this momentous event. My husband and I just moved to Sarasota, Florida the hometown of Nik and our realtor told me about what he was planning to do.

His Numbers Were Favorable

As it got closer to 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST), Twitter and Facebook were on fire with the news and whether this guy was totally nuts attempting this crazy stunt.

I decided to check his numerology and Wallenda’s numbers couldn’t have prepared him any better for his tremendous feat.

Wallenda is self-described as “The King of the Wire” and known for his high-wire performances without a safety net. His birth name adds up to the fabulously fitting number 54. 54 reduces to 9 and the number 9 is known as the “King of Numbers.”

Nik Wallenda adds up to a 36/9 vibration and in the ancient Caldean system that I use to calculate current names. This is an excellent, harmonious, and fortunate number of courage, love and power, with a touch of enchantment. It blesses the person authority and command. It guarantees that great rewards will come to them.

Nik Wallenda

His full birthday adds up to a 33/6 Life Purpose Number. People with a 33 Life Purpose are fortunate in every way as this is a number of well-deserved karmic reward. 6 is the feminine essence, compassion, abundance and manifestation.

Wallenda began is walk at 6:36 PST. Notice the time add up to 15/6.
June is the 6th month.
We are in 6 universal year.
He was 1500 (adds up to 6) in the air and covered a distance of approximately 1400 (adds up to 5) feet). It took him 22 minutes. 22 adds up to 4 and Nik is in a 13/4 personal year. The number 4 is about hard work, focus and abundance.

Amazingly, June 23 was a 23/5 day and a 17/8 universal date. 5 is the number of the media and risk, adventure and freedom. 17 is the “Immortality Number”, and Nik definitely left a lasting legacy behind on that day.

Nik Wallenda 3

These numbers are symbolic representations of the abundance, adventure and love we are all here to embrace right now.

Nik chose highly fortunate times and dates for this walk. You too can plan important events on days that are fortunate for you. To track your own personal numbers code and use it to plan and manifest success and abundance, invest in Your Next 12 Months Blueprint.

I’ll have to admit that I was on pins and needles the whole 22 minutes of the walk even though I knew the numbers were in his favor. Were you?

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