Solar Eclipse

Just like a new moon, a solar eclipse represents a time of new beginnings. The New Moon Solar Eclipse, occurs on May 9, 2013 here in the U.S. (and Canada) and May 10th overseas. The sun and new moon are at 19 degrees in Taurus. The number 1 shows new beginnings and the number 9 represents endings and culminations. Whenever you see the two numbers together it represents and ebb and flow from one cycle to another. 19 further reduces to 10 representing instant manifestation.

Numerology Solar Eclipse May 2013

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus. Venus is the Goddess who governs this year, 2013. This allows you to ground yourself and manifest your goals.

It is a very exciting time because Venus lies at the 00’29” or 0 degrees 29 seconds. The number 29 reduces 11. May is an 11 Universal Month. This number 11 asks you to walk through the gateway, to transform and brings double new beginnings.

Our world is changing rapidly, forcing us to adapt. Evolution does not happen gradually, it occurs in leaps. This May 2013 Solar Eclipse comes during a time of great tension and change because the Pluto square Uranus is nearing a climax on May 20th. So balance and focus is needed now more than ever. Aspects to this eclipse will allow us to remain centered and focus on adjusting to dramatic changes occurring.

The sun represents you ~ your conscious mind/ego and illuminates your nature and character. Where the sun represents your outer you, the moon represents your inner you. It is closely aligned to your feelings, your moods, emotions and instincts.

The Sun and Moon are in unison at 19 degrees which gives balance and focus. The Moon passing in front of the Sun resets our focus, like rebooting a computer. There is an influx of new energy to help us re-orientate and move ahead on the new cycle.

Enjoy this exciting and transformative time.

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