I’m not exactly sure what gave Amanda Berry the courage to escape on May 6, 2013 after being held captive for 10 years by Ariel Castro but the astrology and numerology of that day were definitely in her favor.

News broke on the evening of May 6, 2013 that Amanda Berry escaped from 2207 Seymour Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio with the help of two neighbors, Angel Cordero and Charles Ramsey. When they two men heard her screaming at the house next door, they came to her aid and broke down the door allowing her and her daughter to leave this house of horrors. We later found out that Ariel Castro also held captive Michelle Knight who was kidnapped in 2002 and Gina DeJesus since 2004.

Let’s take a look at the numerology…

It is May 6, 2013. So, it was a 6 Day. The number 6 is about healing, family and taking responsibility.

May 2013 = 11 Universal Month
The address where the women were held (2+2+0+7) adds up to 11.
Both of the men who came to the aid of Amanda have 11 current names.
Pluto Uranus square is at 11 degrees exact on May 20 (more on this below).

Whenever the number 11 appears, it stands like two pillars forming a gateway of invitation for you to step into your truth. The double 1 in 11 means double new beginnings.

Is it a coincidence that both the current name frequencies for Charles Ramsey and Angel Cordero resonate to 11 and they were there to help Amanda escape? I don’t think so. If any of your six numerology birth numbers, personal cycle numbers, current name number and/or planetary degree numbers resonate to 11, this number will intensify during times when this number is activated as we see in the universal month and pluto square uranus.

Let’s take a look at the astronumerology…

Escape from Captivity

First we have Pluto square Uranus becoming exact on May 20 at 11 degrees at 7:02 PM EST. Currently Pluto is in the 4th house of Family, Home, Roots & Security at 11 degrees and Uranus is at 10 degrees in the 7th house of Partnership, Marriage and Your Shadow.

Pluto is the planet most associated with transformation, rebirth and death. Pluto reveals what is hidden beneath the surface – your deepest fears and deepest hopes and desires. Its transformative energy symbolizes death and rebirth. Again, the 11 in the 4th house of family asks us to walk through the gateway to transformation and “rescue” your family. If you don’t accept the invitation, things can get more intense.

Uranus rules change, especially sudden change. Uranus at 10 degrees in the 7th House allows for instant manifestation of partners to help you achieve your goals.

If you will notice the Sun is at 16 degrees in the 8th House of Transformation & Sexuality. The Sun represents YOU (in this case Amanda). 16 is a number of spiritual transformation. It symbolizes the spiritual lightning strike of Awakening.  Amanda was able to use the intuition gained from this number to give her the strength to finally escape to freedom.

It seems that the numbers and planets were aligned that day to allow them to transform their lives.

Sending Amanda, Amanda’s daughter Jocelyn, Gina and Michelle healing thoughts and prayers as they are walking through their gateway of truth and healing from this terrible ordeal.

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