Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day here in the United States. It is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Having two 6s in my birth numbers, I’m very sensitive and emotional person…basically I cry or get teary eyed to pretty everything. While I don’t know of anyone personally who gave their life for our country to keep it safe, I never the less find this day very emotionally touching.

I happened to catch a news story on CNN this afternoon about an organization called Carry the Load. This organization began in 2011 and they host a 2000-mile relay in the 27 days before Memorial Day to raise money for the families of our soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

As an AstroNumerologist, I like to see where there are patterns of numbers. I was curious about why the relay was 27 days and  2,000 miles so I decided to take a look at the numerology of Memorial Day and Carry the Load.

First, Memorial Day is a holiday which occurs every year on the final Monday of May. May is the 5th month the the year. The number 5 represents freedom, risk and adventure.

The word “memorial” resonates the to the 27 which ties into the number of days of this national relay as well as today’s universal day (May 27, 2013). 27 reduces to 9 which is all about compassion, love and humanitarian service.

Carry the Load has a current name number of 20/2 which ties in nicely with the 2,000 miles (again notice the 2) traveled as well as the 20/2 universal date today (May 27, 2013).

A walk that started in New York City culminates with a 20-hour Memorial March in Dallas beginning Sunday afternoon into Memorial Day.

Twenty-thousand people registered for the event.

May 2013 is an 11/2 Universal Month.

2 embodies the duality of male and female, creating cooperation and balance. It is the ultimate supporter lending a hand when and where necessary.

You may have noticed all of the 2s that run through the various dates, etc. When numbers repeat they tend to intensify. This may be why they were able to raise more than their goal of a million dollars for the charity and why this event is receiving such media attention this year.


And a fun time tidbit. I started writing this blog post at 2:27 (notice the 2 and 27/9) and am publishing it at 3:30. The number 3 is about creativity, writing, emotion. The number 6 is about healing, service. I have 3s and 6s all over my blueprint.

Curious why you do what you do? Check out your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who have served to keep us safe!

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