Photo Credit ~ Guardian UKAt 19 years old, Boston Marathon Bombing suspect #2 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has became a household name and not in a good way. When I first heard about the suspected brothers, I was curious about what was going on with them numerologically.

I quickly did the calculation and found that Dzhokhar’s name adds up to 15/6 in the ancient Chaldean system I use current names. 15 is the number of magic and alchemy. It is a powerfully fortunate name number for MOST people.

Later I saw that Dzhokhar’s birthday is July 22, 1993 which adds up to a 22/4. This totally changes the frequency of his current name.

For someone born on a 4 or 8 Day (4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th and 31st) or has a Life Purpose Number that reduces to 4 or 8, it is not advisable to combine with a 15 name. Dzhokhar 22 day of birth reduces to the number 4.

In this case, 15 rules the lower levels of occultism when it is combined with single numbers 4 and 8. With this name frequency, a 15 name greatly increases the possibility of challenging events, because you could be the victim of the lower echelons of magic, like black magic, hypnosis, and mental suggestion.

I couldn’t find a birthdate for the older Tsarnaev brother other than that he was born in 1986 and was 26 years old. But was is important is that his current name Tamerlan Tsarnaev is a 16/7. This is a name that resonates to having a crown on your head and falling from a high place. I can definitely see how the younger brother could be under the influence of the older.

Dzhokhar is in a 7 Personal Year. On the day of the April 15th bombings, Dzhokhar was experiencing a 17/8 Personal Day meaning that he would definitely leave a legacy behind, whether good or bad.

I took at look at his Planes of Expression
Mental ~    3  – 99
Emotional 22 – –
Physical     1  – 7

Dzhokhar has 3 numbers in Mind Plane of Expression. This plane symbolizes your imagination, memory, creativity, goals, ideals, and ways in which you rationalize your actions and responsibilities.

He has two 2s in the Soul Plane of Expression. It covers your intuition, love, compassion, wisdom, freedom, spiritual independence, cooperation and positive initiative.

He has two numbers in the Physical Plane of Expression. It symbolizes your how you speak, what motivates you to act, your body language, how you organize your life, patience, working in the material 3-D world of matter and learning to navigate your soul in a human body.

I immediately noticed that he has two islands ~ 7 and a double 9. With an 7 Island, he needs to recognize his lessons ~ understand them and transcend them. People with 7 islands may have to repeat lessons until the frequency of experience translates as a lesson learned.

A 9 Island brings strong ambition and idealism, especially if there is more than one 9. People with a 9 island can be impractical in how they manifest their idealistic ideas. Marilyn Monroe, Justin Bieber, John Lennon and Neale Donald Walsh all have a double 9 island.

He also has Indicator of Irritation. This can mean unhappiness and frustration in all parts of his life.

After a massive manhunt and shootout that left Tamerlan dead, Dzhokhar was captured this evening, April 19, 2013, at around 9 p.m. Today is an 18/9 Universal Date. Notice the two 9s. The number 9 is about culminations and endings.

Update for Dzhokhar on April 24, 2013

In the days ensuing his capture, we’ve found out that the two brothers acted alone and were self radicalized based on the military events happening in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I’m not sure what is in store for Dzhokhar as the case against him mounts. Should he not get the death penalty he will need to develop his inner power and wisdom; learn to express his innermost feelings as he may have difficulty in this area; guard against judging others and focus on gratitude.

He is very idealistic and exhibits tremendous zeal. He can get involved in many people’s affairs and must guard against not being too available for other people’s causes or issues as sometimes your idealism can become impractical.

Since he can be critical of himself and others, he will need to show love and compassion for both his healing.