Photo Credit:  WikipediaMy husband and I are in Florida on vacation. We had been out visiting the lovely area of Naples having a great time only to return to our hotel to find out about this horrific tradegy.

Two explosions rocked the finish line at the Boston Marathon today. The explosions happened around 2:50 p.m. just as runners crossed the finishing line. From news reports, I understand that the explosions hurt many people, both runners and those who came to cheer them on. The latest death toll as I write is 2 dead and 140 injured but this is likely to rise.

Let’s take a look at the numbers concerning the Boston Marathon:

April 15, 2013 marked the 117th year of the Boston Marathon.

April 15, 2013, a 16/7 universal date. The ancient Chaldeans depicted the number 16 as “a tower struck by lightning, from which a man is falling, with a crown on his head”. It warns of a strange fatality and danger of accidents. 16 further reduces to 7. It represents spirituality, sympathy, and mystery. 7 is the number of illusion, delusion, sometimes deception – but also the number of healing and miracles. Notice that the time of the first bomb exploding at 2:50 also adds up to the number 7.

The ‘Boston Marathon’ adds up to 21/3.
2013 is a 6 universal year.
April 15th was a 6 universal day.
If you add the single digits of the 117th marathon it equals 9

These numbers activate the emotional frequency in the 3-6-9 emotional/feeling triad of numerology. Emotions are definitely running high. Who could do such a thing? And at such an innocent event? The numbers 6 and 9 show love and compassion. Against the backdrop of a sickening attack, we saw many examples of humanity at its best. From fist responders, marathon runners to residents and visitors of Boston, people pitched in to do what they could even if it meant putting their own lives at risk. Marathon runners who just completed the race, despite the exhaustion I’m sure they must have felt, they continued to run to the local hospital to donate blood that would surely be needed.

We are in 13th year of the century. The number 13 stands for life, death and rebirth – the ultimate transformation. 13 is a number of upheaval, so that new ground may be broken. It’s associated with power. If this power is used for selfish purposes, it will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the l3 vibration, and decrease any potential for negative.

Astrologically speaking, we have Uranus and Pluto square. Pluto is in the 5th house of fun, games and sport and Uranus in the 8th house of transformation and death. The Moon was also receiving a sextile from aggressive and explosive Mars and Sun in Aries.

The Number 7 vibrates to the planet Neptune. Neptune, the planet of confusion, sits on the descendant (the 7th house) of open enemies, so one can assume this was a ‘terrorist’ attack was by someone (or persons) who had no respect for life.

Let us mourn for those who have been killed, and keep in our thoughts and prayers those injured – both physically and emotionally.