Will James Bond Ever Die? First of all, who is James Bond? James Bond, code name Agent 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming.

Ezra Shaw/AP Photo

“Skyfall” is the twenty-third spy film in the series and will be released on November 9, 2012.

We first found out about the newest Bond movie this past summer. Who could forget the Queen’s “jump” from a helicopter escorted by the latest James Bond, Daniel Craig, during the Olympic opening ceremony? It was one of the highlights of the Olympics.

How will “Skyfall” stack up against the other Bond movies? I know I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release after a 4 year hiatus, but let’s take a look at the numbers.

James Bond has a current name of 14/5, the Media Number. This means that this famous spy will always have a place in the hearts of the media. I know that I’ve already heard several CNN newscasters (that’s my hubby’s favorite channel) talk about the upcoming movie and saying that they are going to see the movie this weekend.

“Skyfall” is the 23rd (which reduces to 5) Bond movie released in 2012 (a 5 Universal Year) released 50 years (reduces to 5) after Dr. No, the first Bond movie, in 1962. The 23/5 vibration is a truly fortunate number. It is called ‘The Royal Star of the Lion.’ No other number can defeat this number. The full name for this movie is James Bond: Skyfall which has a 50/5 current name, a very fortunate name number indeed and aligns very nicely with the 50th anniversary since the first movie. Rumored titles were “James Bond: Red Shadow” and “James Bond: Red Sky at Morning”. Either of these titles would have been fortunate names. The actual title “Skyfall” was announced early November 2011.

Notice all of the 5s. 5 is the archetype of risk, adventure and freedom. My guess is that this Bond adventure will be one of the best ever.

If you look at the November 9, 2012 release date, it adds up to a 16/7 Universal Date. 16/7 is a challenging and often lonely number but it activates the 7 in Agent 007. The number 7 is aligned with keeping secrets and lightning insights. An interesting side note…I did a Goggle search for “James Bond” and it return 403,000,000 results. If you add each single digit together it equals a 7. 16 is about having a crown on your head and falling from a high place – perhaps this is where the name Skyfall came into play.

Daniel Craig is the sixth actor to play this iconic character. Other James Bond actors were Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan. Both Sean Connery and Roger Moore played 007 seven times each aligning with James’ 007. Both actors have fortunate current names.

Timothy Dalton (a 14/5 fortunate current name) played Bond twice. Timothy Dalton is said to have best portraid 007 the way Ian Fleming intended in the novels. This is because of his more serious and “darker” acting style. Timothy Dalton decided to quit the role after legal problems halted production of the Bond films in the early 1990s. The fact he did only two Bond films had nothing to do with his performance in either “The Living Daylights” or “Licence To Kill.” Both of these movies had fortunate name numbers.

Both George Lazenby and Pierce Brosnan had 13/4 unfortunate current names. George played 007 one time and Pierce 4 times. Both of these actors were fired from their roles.

The newest Bond, Daniel Craig has a 20/2 Current Name which is a neutral number. It is neither fortunate or unfortunate. Daniel’s birth name is Daniel Wroughton Craig which gives him a 107/8 Destiny number that coupled with his 35/8 Life Purpose gives him strong leadership capabilities. 8 is also about leaving a legacy behind. I believe that his portrayal of Bond will be his legacy. Up until now, he has played Bond twice in James Bond: Casino Royale in 2006 and James Bond: Quantum of Solace. Both movies had fortunate names and are the highest grossing of all of the Bond movies even taking inflation into consideration.

I asked ‘will James Bond ever die?’ at the beginning of this post. He might, but not any time soon. If you are going to see ‘Skyfall’, I hope you enjoy it.

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